Fog Machines Special Effects

Cryogenic Fog, Water Fog and Breakaways DVD

This special series continues with all the details about generating fog and breakaway glass. Andy shows you how fog can be made using cryogenic materials or with water effects. Fog sets the tone for many movie scenes and there are problems inherent with the process. You get to see how the problems are solved to give the effect the set director has demanded. For breakway glass, safety and effect are both vitally important to the success of a production. You get to see it all!

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Flame and Fire EffectsFlame and

Fire Special Effects DVD
utilizing Propane and Natural Gas

Join Andrew Nicholls in the last video of his three-part tour of pyrotechnic special effects. This time he explains designs and functions of flame effects, fire effects, safety, application, fire marshals and NFPA regulations. Includes demonstrations of several effects. From torches to H-burners to fire bars and cannon demos, he really puts the heat on!

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Hollywood Pyrotechnics

Hollywood Pyrotechnics DVD

Join renowned pyrotechnician Andrew Nicholls as he shows us how those great movie and television special effects are done. He discusses bullet and body hits, air and debris mortars, sand canons, propane poppers and building exploions, dust balls and spark hits, car explosions and, most important of all, safety! At the end of this seminar, there's a great demo of each effect. Change the mystery of special FX to the mastery! Acquired during 25 years in the business! You will be amazed.

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