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Fog Machines Special Effects

Simulated Bullet Hits

These pyrotechnic items can be used to simulate bullet hits for training or video.

Each item has a 2 wire lead and can be inserted in set pieces or used with body armor.

They can be triggered with a 9 volt battery or our wireless controllers.

Creates a realistic bullet hit with a dramatical effect! Should not be used near human body without body armor.

To disguise in a set piece, first drill a 1/4" hole, then place the "bullet hit" into the set,
then cover with a small piece of tissue paper that is the same color as the set piece.

Item# BH10 Only $10 each

This item requires a hazmat fee. This is a one time fee for container and hazmat handling charge.
Note: Hazardous materials must be shipped as a hazardous container, and as such will incur additional shipping.
This will not always be reflected in your original invoice - we will send you request for total.

You must sign the Pyro Agreement to purchase any flammable materials. Click Here.