Fog Machines Special Effects


We take great pride in the material and craftsmenship that go into what we believe are the best replica weapons in the industry. We have contracted with a certified gun manufacturer to bring you these authentic replicas. They are like the real thing in every way, but have been re-tooled to only accept blanks. The untrained eye will never be able to tell the difference, and you'll be amazed by the authentic quality. Whether using this for film, or battle ground reenactments, the authenticity will be evident both on and off camara. Throughout the loading, aiming and shooting process, no one will know the difference, except when the harmless blanks are fired, of course. Each gun produces a flash of fire from the muzzle, a puff of smoke and loud, authentic firing sound when triggered, followed by a cartridge being ejected from the side of the weapon (except revolvers) just as you would normally expect.

Each weapon is manufactured from high grade steel alloy that will give the weapon the look and feel of the real thing, without the actual tensil strength or bore size to fire a real bullet.

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