Fog Machines Special Effects

Weatherproof Portable Blacklight

Portable and Powerful!

This heavy duty portable blacklight operates on 3 'D' batteries (not included) and has dozens of uses.

Great for looking for stains, art collectors looking for evidence of fresh paint, scorpions and other bugs light up under uv, as wells as counterfeit detection, blood and more!

Features a heavy duty acrylic lens, adjustable carrying strap and a regular flashlight option,
so it can be used as either a flash light or a UV light. Also includes a built in on/off switch.
10 inch fluorescent blacklight. The most durable portable blacklight on the market. As seen on TV: "CSI" and "24". Bulb included.

Item# PUVL1 Only $39


Heavy Duty Fluorescent Blacklights

Create a powerful glow-in-the-dark experience. Makes shirts shine neon bright and teeth glow green. U.L. approved with cord and on/off switch.

Real, High-quality dark purple bulbs, not the less effective "Blue" style. These heavy duty black lights feature a sturdy neon casing, much sturdier than
the cheaper "stick" variety.

Heavy Duty casing with protected end caps insure that your bulb has maximum protection against accidental breakage. Available in 3 exciting sizes:

Heavy Duty Blacklight Flashlight

This professional weatherproof flashlight uses 29 bright UV LED bulbs to create extra powerful UV light where you need it!
Super heavy duty steel casing - feels good and solid in the hand. Uses 3 'AAA' batteries (not included).

Great for scientists and forensic professionals!

Item# 29LEDUV Only $49

Recon Blacklight Flashlight

Recon Blacklight LED Flashlight

This is our brightest battery operated UV light - provides a super powerful beam of UV light.

This professional weatherproof flashlight uses a super bright, new technology UV LED bulb to create extra powerful UV light where you need it! Super heavy duty black steel casing - feels good and solid in the hand. Uses rechargeable '18650' battery (included).

Great for military, science and forensic professionals!

Only $99.00

Charger for Recon Blacklight

Charger for the "Recon Blacklight LED Flashlight" - Can charge 2 batteries at once!
Only $19.95


Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable, high power battery. Lasts for years and provides enough power for our brightest portable UV light - the Recon Black light LED Flashlight. Only $14.95


Invisible UV Ink

Professional ink - goes on almost invisible and adheres to the skin very well.

Works great as a non-toxic hand stamp for entrances to secure areas.

8 oz. Great for marking security related items, or tracking stolen items - goes on completely invisible and shows up the strongest under UV light. 8 oz.

Item# UV1 Only $24.95

UV battery operated Black Light

Pro UV Rechargeable Weatherproof LED Blacklight

This completely portable and weatherproof LED light puts out a bright UV light that, when unplugged will burn brightly for 8 - 10 hours without power! Completely portable. Heavy duty metal casing and weatherproof handle. Weather protected heavy duty on/off switch. Can be charged or operated from either a standard wall plug or car jack - both cords included. This is new LED technology - only uses 10 watts but bright enough to light up all of the fluorescent items in a 20 x 20 foot area when used without competing light. Only $149

Weatherproof UV Light

Pro Weatherproof Double Blacklight Fixture

Weatherproof, super durable housing, comes with two 4 foot bulbs and a 4 foot power cord.
Puts out twice the light of a normal 4 foot fluorescent blacklight.

Built for long term use - great for museums, theater, restaurants, universities etc.
Complete weatherproof housing features a see-through acrylic lens with
8 latches and weatherproof cable and plug. Plugs into any standard 120 volt outlet.

Note: Bulb may come loose in shipping. If so, twist bulb into socket.
Only $99

UV Aerosol Spray Paint Glow in the dark spray paint

Invisible UV Spray Paint

Applies a coating which is transparent and colorless under normal light, but glows brightly under UV light.

Easily removable from most surfaces with soap and water. Dries in about 5 minutes.
Only Visible in Blacklight!

Available in 8 exciting colors! Important Note: Incandescent (screw in) blacklight bulbs
do not work very well with this product. We recommend using fluorescent UV tubes instead.

The brighter the blacklight, the brighter the paint will be.

New Cosmic Glow Under UV light it appears as a pearlescence of pinks and blues.
Black Eraser gives you the ability to create drastic Black imagery over existing invisible UV colors.

Note: Brightness will also be increased by applying multiple coats, but be careful not to over do it, as paint will tun a yellowish color under regular light if applied too heavily.

Must shake can very well to create an even coat!

Black Light pen

UV Ink Pen

This hi-tech UV ink pen writes invisibly under regular light, but writing shines bright under Blacklight.
A great way to send a secret message, mark items for security or make a marriage proposal!

Item# UVPEN Only $2.99

Red UV Powder



Very Fine UV Powder. Lightly dusting makes it virtually invisible!

This is a professional, commercial grade, talcum-like powder that turns bright red under blacklight, or glows in the dark after being exposed to normal light conditions. Apply to objects with a brush.

Transfers easily to fingertips when touched. Use for security purposes (fire alarm pranksters, etc). Can be mixed with water to create a glowing fluid. 1 oz.

Item# UVPOWDER Only $19.95

Blacklight Paint

Fluorescent Black Light Paint

Available in five bright, exciting colors... Goes on bright and Lights up under UV light.
Fluorescent paints glow brighter than any other type of paint will under blacklight UV lighting.

Only $14.95


LED UV/Blacklight Flat Screen Light

192 violet/blacklight LEDs. Use as a constant blacklight or as a UV strobe. 3 DMX channel control.
7 chase programs plus audio chase. 192 bright LEDs. Can be used with standard DMX controllers or as freestanding lights via built-in programs. 15.5” wide, 9.5” high and only 4” thick, making them very useful where space is limited.

A hanging bracket is attached so it can be mounted on trussing, stands, walls and ceilings. Includes DMX in and out connections, DIP switches for DMX addressing and an internal audio mic with sensitivity control for sound-controlled functions.

Although sophisticated and bright, it only uses 17 watts of power.

Item# LEDFSUV Only $199

Glow in the dark tape

Glow in the Dark Tape

Charges under normal light, but glows brightly after lights are turned off. Also glows under blacklight. 1" x 15 feet.

Item# IA11 Only $19.95

6 Inch Black Light

Handheld Blacklight

Blacklight fixture with flashlight. Built in function switch for Off / UV Light / Flashlight. 6 Watts. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included).
Handstrap included. 6" x 2" x 2". Weight: .25 lb. Bulb Included. Only $8.95

 400 Watt UV Bulb

400 Watt High Output Metal Halide Bulb

This is the brightest UV bulb available! 11" x 4.5" E40 Base.
Item# UV400BLB Only $69